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We offer top of the line sunroof products and installation for just about any vehicle. Our professional team of installers have the ability to make an aftermarket job look like it was done at the factory.

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Power Spoiler Sunroof


Are you looking for that sporty styling? Webasto spoiler sunroofs are designed to fit quickly into nearly any vehicle. The glass panel on spoiler sunroofs opens up and slides backwards over the roofskin of the vehicle.

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Electric Inbuilt Sunroof


You don’t need a convertible when we can install an electric sunroof for you. Webasto inbuilt sunroofs provide elegant styling, fresh air and light to your vehicle, as well as simply a higher level of vehicle enjoyment! Inbuilt sunroofs include a vent feature or slide open between the roof of the vehicle and the interior headliner.

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The TVS900


The World’s ONLY Twin Vent Sunroof!
A premiere, two-panel, twin venting power inbuilt sunroof. Available in three sizes. Comes with choice of basic and advanced controls. This sunroof also comes with a Rain Sensor option.

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