Installing a sunroof all by yourself may be light on the pocket but can surely give rise to lots of problems in the future. Ultimately, you’re going to pay to fix those problems, and it may cost more money than getting it installed by a professional. 

The trend of buying a sunroof kit and installing it without professional help is growing daily. Amidst such chaos, it’s important to highlight the problems that may arise if you install a sunroof by yourself:

Leakage issues:

There’s a possibility that the sunroof may leak due to improper installation. Suppose it’s raining and water starts seeping in. It’s uncomfortable and the water will most likely damage the inside of the car as well. Professionals understand the complexities and their experience allows them to do a foolproof installation.

Cutting out area for the sunroof:

A car is an expensive investment. Are you sure you want to take that risk by cutting it yourself? A professional sunroof installer has received proper training and has performed this task on numerous cars to get it right.

Most people mess up the cutting part in the sunroof installation, which costs them a hefty amount later. You need specific equipment and expertise. It’s best to avoid doing it yourself.

Inadequate glass installation: 

One of the biggest risks associated with installing a sunroof by yourself includes inadequate glass installation. If the latches are not connected properly, the glass may fall at any time.

Improper main frame fitting:

If the main frame is not fitted properly, you may experience constant rattling while driving. It can be annoying and frustrating. Ultimately, you will have to go to a repair shop to get it fixed.

Latch connection issues: 

Latch connection is extremely important. The glass panel may not close completely if the latch connection is improper. This will allow for rain, insects and other foreign objects to enter the car freely. Additionally, it may also increase the result of car theft, as anyone could access the car through the sunroof. It’s not worth the risk. Hence, always opt for a sunroof to be installed professionally.


It’s better to let a professional do the job. Sunroof installations are tricky and it’s difficult to achieve perfection. You can save money by installing it yourself, but remember, it will cost you more money in the long term. Reach out to AZ suntops and have a proper discussion about the installation process. It’s to your own benefit.