Webasto sunroofs are a section of a car roof that enables light and/or ventilation into the rear seat. It can be either stationary or mobile. The primary goal of using the sunroof would be to improve the passenger’s riding performance by offering a light source and cool air.

Webasto sunroofs also provide a vapor clean air sensation, but also make the interior of the vehicle more pleasant and cheerful.


AZ Suntops uses Wabasto Sunroofs due to the following reasons:

  1.     The sunroof matches the color of the vehicle

Body-color sun tops are available from Webasto in a variety of materials, including polyurethane hybrids. When traveling, the sunroof delivers adequate ventilation into the interior. It provides flexibility and a charming atmosphere.

  1.     Opaque Sunroof

Opaque sunroofs could also be paired with fashionable elements like artificial light and reconfigurable roofing.

  1.     Enjoy life at all times

Every sunshine offers a grin to your face, and then behind every curve is a fresh beautiful view which you may appreciate even more with a sunroof.

  1.     Absolute tranquility

Vibration and air dispersion in the passenger compartment are reduced owing to wind vanes that twist the airflow. Annoying noises from open side mirrors are no longer an issue.

  1.     Exceptional Quality

Engineered by the top manufacturer of roofing materials in Germany, Webasto’s attractive panoramic windshields, which are expertly fitted ex-works, fulfill the necessary professional and dependability criteria – and in the most adverse weather situations.

  1.     Safe Sunroofs

Webasto’s perspective and sunroofs exceed international safety standards. Stamina tests show that the body’s rigidity is preserved. Anti-pinch prevention is included as a standard, improving the protection from even the tiniest passengers. Panorama/windshields are also more resistant to external impacts thanks to ESG fabric and advanced materials.

  1.     Highlights in design

Webasto’s windshields are one-of-a-kind design components that are created in close collaboration with automakers. From the luxury SUV to the stylish little car, they blend in seamlessly with the proposed structure of the cars and emphasize the driver’s uniqueness.